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228 Westmorland St, Fredericton, NB

The Shop

Some problems are better solved back at our shop. If you prefer you can drop your computer off for repair — please just give us a call at 506-447-8084. We accept dropoffs until 8PM including weekends for your convenience. Typically your repaired computer is ready the following day.

We have learned that very few computer users backup their data. The advantage to shop based repair is that we can easily preserve all of your data by ‘imaging’ your hard drive prior to any work providing extra insurance that your data will not be lost.

As the makers of malware and viruses have become increasingly sophisticated, so must our tools & techniques for removal. Many of the malware currently found in the ‘wild’ (on the Internet) compromise your computer at a base level where a typical virus scanner cannot defeat them. Working at our shop allows us to run deep scans that can take considerable time but provide assurance that all the malware and viruses have been removed.

Confidence in us is well founded. We have never yet failed to remove any infections. Nor have we ever lost any user data in the process.