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228 Westmorland St, Fredericton, NB

Prompt Onsite Service For Your Home

We arrive on time and prepared!

We can solve the majority of computer problems from the keyboard. This means that there is no need to disconnect cables. We can easily troubleshoot application (programs), email, wireless & network connection issues and printing problems that may originate because of issues in your home environment.

The most critical part of our job is the initial debrief. This is the part of the service call where you tell us the problem that you need solved. During a home service call you can show us exactly the problem that you are experiencing.

New PC Setups and Mediashares

New PCs mean new operating systems (example: Windows11 or Mac OSX Ventura) and different ways of doing things. We can configure your new PC so that you don’t lose any of the features, bookmarks, or emails that you relied on from your old one.

We can make sure that the transfer to your new computer is as seamless as possible. We will move your priceless pictures and videos to their new home. Configure your email and office applications that you need. Skype, Adobe Reader, the list goes on. Most people are surprised by just how many programs and how much data they have accumulated and use on a daily basis.

Anyone that has a new wide-screen TV knows the headaches involved in getting them connected to the Internet. We can show you how to make the best of your new purchase. Netflix and network enabled hard-drives are the new way of watching movies and recording your shows. Best of all with a properly configured home system you can watch the shows from your IPAD or laptop if someone else is using the TV!

You can also use the same device as a place to safely backup all the files on every computer in your house.

Printers & Networks

There is nothing so frustrating as spending hours on the phone with technical support or trying to decode the hieroglyphics that most printer manufacturers provide as instructions for new printer setups. 

We have extensive experience with all printer brands and models, and this coupled with our knowledge of home networks and equipment, allows us to quickly setup your printer or fix printer problems so that you can print and scan from all your computers, tablets, and phones.