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228 Westmorland St, Fredericton, NB

Complete Services For Your Business

We are available when you need us – 8AM until 8PM. Weekends or later in the evening by appointment.

We already supply onsite computer service for a number of Fredericton and area businesses. Our expertise, especially with small-business environments allows us to effectively respond to emergencies to maximize their uptime with an eye for maximum ROI (return on investment).

We can often solve many typical user problems with a simple phone call allowing our customers to return to work with little interruption.

Reliability & Versatility

In addition to years of hands-on with workstation PCs, servers, printers and networks we have extensive experience with office and accounting software. We also have a proven track record of adaptability to new business environments. We service, upgrade, and maintain a variety of specialized “line-of-business” applications such as MSaccess & SQL databases, dental imaging, customer relationship & billing, and retail POS.

We have considerable experience with websites and Internet technology. Although website design and hosting is not our typical business we have setup websites and email for small businesses and are happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Backups & Data Recovery

It is a fact that very few businesses backup their data and of those that do many rely upon USB hard-drives and thumb-drives as their primary backup media. Unfortunately these methods rely upon user interaction which means that backups are typically only completed sporadically and ineffectively. Another consideration is the quality of the backup and the integrity of the backup. A completed backup is only useful if it contains all of the information that you need to recover from a failure. A backup method is only trustworthy if it has been tested.

Having worked in enterprise environments we have experience in designing effective backup systems. We have designed and implemented systems that automatically backup business data both onsite for redundancy and offsite for recovery in the event of a disaster. Most importantly our backup systems have been tested and proven effective at a real-world small business.

We have taken advantage of newer technologies so that in addition to backing up the businesses data we also backup their operating systems (example: windows) and their programs. This means that in the event of a failure we don’t have to reinstall and reconfigure the entire system. We can recover the entire system in a hour or less.

In the event of accidental file deletion, corrupt email archives or even a computer hard drive failure we can often recover the data. We can repair operating systems and applications that fail. The preservation of your data is our number one priority no matter what the task.

Printers & Scanners

So long as the paperless office remains a dream of the future businesses need printers. They need to be configured so that all of your employees can use them effectively and they need to be repaired and maintained. 

We have comprehensive experience servicing and configuring business printers and multi-function devices. Sometimes a printer just needs to be cleaned and sometimes a device is beyond ROI for repair. We will help you decide the most cost effective solution.