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Helpful Tips

So how do you choose from the many company’s listed when you open up the phone book or search the web for a computer repair company?

The No.1 best way is to use the service that has proven itself to you. The next best way is to listen to the recommendations of your friends and workmates.

If you don’t have a reliable service provider and your friends don’t have one either then look for someone local. Someone that knows technology but also someone that cares about the job they are doing for you.

Take a moment to ask your service person some basic questions and more importantly listen to the questions they ask you. As an example, we always ask about the age of your computer. It’s pretty simple math — the cost of the repair versus the purchase of a new pc.

Ask if the service person guarantees their work. Everything about computer repair is about balance — a repair person always needs to balance the hours required to ensure a repair is complete versus the cost to the customer — but a good tech has confidence in their work.

We guarantee our work for thirty days — if a problem reoccurs (and it does happen) we return and fix the problem at no charge. In most cases we can repair a filesystem without having to wipe the drive and when that becomes the only option we preserve your data before reinstalling.

A simple rule of thumb is that a good tech understands technology and can simplify technology so that anyone can understand it. If you can’t understand your tech — how do you know they understand you?

Things to do before you call a tech

Note down the details:

When did you first see the problem? What were you doing when the problem occured? Is this the first time that the problem has occured? Have you made any recent changes to your computer (new programs etc.)?

Find your discs

Always make sure you have the Windows or Mac OSX disks available before you call. In many cases these days you aren’t given any disks, instead the computer has its software already loaded. Be sure and tell the tech this when you call.

Get your passwords

If you are having a problem with your Internet or Email please make sure that you have your passwords and, usernames available before you call. It can get pretty expensive paying someone to sit around while you call up Rogers or Aliant for your passwords.

Protect your data 

If possible copy your files to a USB jump drive. If you haven’t backed up your files be sure and tell the tech. If you have some pictures or files that you especially want to keep then make sure to tell the tech so they can see to their safety before they start working on your computer.

Above all else, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

In order for us to provide you with the best service — communication is key. We understand that for most people a computer is a tool — a wonderful — useful — mysterious gateway to the Internet but a tool none the less.

You don’t have to know everything about a car’s engine to drive it and neither should you feel you need to know everything about a computer to use it. We avoid geek-speak and use plain language. We want you to know what we are doing and why